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Frequently asked questions

What is small batch ice cream?

Our ice cream is made in a batch freezer which means it is made one batch at a time. Unlike a continous feed freezer used by most factories. Our equipment allows us to make 24 qts of ice cream at a time. We feel this gives us the ultimate control and quality in ice cream making.

Who is Browndog?

This is probably our most commonly asked question. Learn all about Flash aka: Browndog

Why is it so expensive to ship ice cream?

Shipping ice cream is very tricky. There's a lot that goes into sending ice cream all around the country and making sure it arrives frozen. Insulated coolers, dry ice, 2 day air, and the cost of warehouse staff. We've have done our best to negotiate pricing as low as possible and then pass that savings on to you. We do not mark up the shipping cost at all.